Get the skills needed to help your kid with anxiety.

Closing the gap between conventional and alternative medicine

Hi, I'm Peter Hanfileti. I'm a pediatrician with a unique perspective on how you can help your child to overcome their challenge no matter what that might be.

I work with parents who are desperate to help their kids, who want strategies they can implement quickly with their own children at home, and who want the resources at their fingertips when and where they need them the most.

I help parents to transform their child's challenge from a problem into a solution, giving them the confidence and competence to be their child's best advocate.

My mission is to make this information available to all parents that want to help their children overcome anxiety and become emotionally stronger and happier!

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Find the knowledge you need to help your child overcome anxiety


The "Child Anxiety Solution Course" provides the knowledge parents need to help their kids overcome anxiety.


The "Child Anxiety Solution Course" provides the knowledge parents need to help their kids overcome anxiety.


The "Child Anxiety Solution Course" provides the knowledge parents need to help their kids overcome anxiety.

If not now, when?

There are a lot of reasons why parents decide to seek my help to deal with their child's anxiety and many more reasons why they don't.
Don't let these hang ups stop you from helping your child.

"How can I do this? I don’t know what you know and I can’t do what you do."

This is a common mistaken assumption that parents make because they are simply not aware of the energy dynamics at play between them and their child.
My mission is to guide you through this process and give you plenty of opportunities to realize how much you do know and how much you can do for the benefit of your child.

"Anxiety runs in our family so it’s genetic and that won’t change will it?"

Just because anxiety runs in your family does not mean your child is destined to suffer the same result. In fact, energy patterns are more likely to be passed down through generations along with certain predispositions, and nothing is set in stone when it comes to energy dynamics.

"My child is too young to understand what I’m trying to teach them so it probably won’t work for me."

Fact is, even kids who are too young to understand the words you may say are still receiving information from you through their energy system, particularly the thoughts and feelings you are having in real time. This is another misconception that we work hard to correct for you throughout the material so you can take advantage of the extremely important role you play in your child's daily experience.

"I can’t be with my child during school and that is when their symptoms are most prominent so what good can I do?"

The reason you can still make a difference in your child's experience while they are in school has to do with the preparation before school, the strategies during school hours, and the reinforcement that comes after school when you can discuss their day and how it went for them.
In the energy paradigm, time and space are not limitations, meaning your child's energy connection to you is continuous and tends to be stronger the younger in age they are.

Learn the skills to help your child overcome anxiety!

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